Break the language barrier and have seamless conversations in your language.
Experience real-time translation and OpenAI integration

Translate ChatGPT from English to any language

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Real-time translation

If your prompt is not in English, we will first translate your messages to English, send this to OpenAI, then translate the answer back to your language.

Our app leverages the power of DeepL & OpenAI to provide instant translation and chat capabilities in multiple languages. Say goodbye to language barriers and communicate effortlessly!

  • Leverage the power of OpenAI to generate intelligent and context-aware responses.
  • Instantly translate your messages into multiple languages with DeepL integration
  • Stream the translated response to the user in real-time

Why Translaite?

Seamless communication

Break the language barrier and seamlessly leverage the power of AI, without worrying if the model is good enough in your language.

Fast & accurate tranlsation

Translaite uses the power of DeepL to translate your prompts to provide fast and accurate translations in real-time.

User-friendly interface

Our app features a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to easily manage your conversations and prompts.

Start breaking the language barrier today!

Join thousands of users who arleady leverage the great power of AI, in their own language.

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How it works

Step 1

Type your message in any language

Step 2

Our app translates it using DeepL

Step 3

The translated message is sent to OpenAI for processing

Step 4

The response is streamed back to you and translated into the original language

Step 5

Engage in fluid conversations across languages effortlessly

Other benefits


Ask your question in any language you want. This will then be translated by DeepL into English, and only then submitted to ChatGpt.
Since ChatGPT is largely trained on English inputs, the results will be better if prompted in English and translated back into your input language.
If you want to translate your chat into into yet another language, you can do so as well!


Be among the first to try out the new ChatGPT-4, the latest powerful enginge and successor of ChatGPT-3.5. Only for subscribers.


Share beautiful snippets of your prompts and answers with your friends and colleagues.

Copy & paste

Easily copy and paste your conversations into your favourite app, or into your favourite text editor. Or just copy snippets of your conversations.


Search through your conversations by keywords, or by the prompt you've given and instantly tap into the answers & knowledge you've received from chatGPT.


Once you're signed in you can store and manage your conversations in one place.


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